This site contains everything someone needs to know about a medial ankle sprain. It starts with the anatomy of the injury and gives ways to prevent it, signs and symptoms of it, treatment for it, and rehabilitation. There are also quizzes to see what you know after reading through the different pages and there is a fun way to learn about the injury as well through the games found at the end of the site. Pictures and videos are also on some of the pages so the reader can have visuals to go along with the words.

    This site will help people that are curious about ankle sprains but more specifically about medial ankle sprains. Someone that wants to know ways to prevent it from happening, signs and symptoms so they know what to look for, treatment if they have a medial ankle sprain, etc. It can also be helpful to someone who might want to get a job that involves this injury whether its a trainer, doctor, physical therapist, etc. Almost anything people want to know about a medial ankle sprain can be found here and will hopefully answer any questions they might have.

Medial Ankle Sprain