Photo Gallery 2

This gallery begins with another slideshow of Memorial Day photos, starting with an action shot of Tim McArthur, one of the great legends of the game.  

The second slideshow, Vintage Wiffleball, is a historical trip through the wiffleball of our youth.  These images take us back to a time when the game was in it's purest form.  Before all of the reporters, the media, and the paparazzi.  Before all of the glitz and glamour of what is now Memorial Day.  This era (circa 1989-1996) is when we played just to play.  When we walked onto that field weekend after weekend after weekend for the sheer joy of swinging the bat.  When we dove for balls and ran into fences, not looking for the gasp or acceptance of the crowd, but seeking one thing and one thing only, the sweet satisfaction of victory.

It is during this era that some of the strongest teams played, some of the most unbelievable records were set, and some of the strongest friendships were formed.  

When I think of growing up - that is to say when I think of wiffleball (for they are the same thing in our family) - I always revert back to this time period, this era of purity, when it was, simply, just a game.   

Vintage Wiffleball