Mud Bowl

In 2011, record-setting rains swamped the state of Ohio, flooding basements, shifting foundations, and pushing rivers to all-time high water marks.  All told, Cleveland recorded almost 63 inches of rain, 10 inches above the previous record set in 1990.  Prior to that, you have to go back over 100 years to 1878 to find any rainfall totals above 50 inches.  As a result, Sportsmans Park experienced the highest level of saturation ever at the ballpark.  Despite the challenges faced that day, the Memorial Day tradition continued and a regular slate of games was played.  The below slideshow documents some images from that muddy day.  



Winter Wiffleball
Don't let a little winter weather slow you down.  Although 99% of games are played in the warm sunshine of a beautiful Ohio summer day, every once and awhile the grounds crew opens up the field for a rare December Ice Bowl.