Field Records & Dimensions

The following is a collection of records kept and maintained by the wiffleball historical society.  Although formal box scores are not kept, the great moments and feats of the game are recorded for posterity.  

Of all the records, perhaps the most treasured is the "most games played in one day", a feat which is challenged each and every Memorial Day.  This emphasis on games played over on-field achievements speaks to the larger values which guide wiffleball.  Simply, it's not about how well you play.  It's about how much you play and how much effort you give.  


Formal Name:  Sportsmans Park

Location:  Medina, Ohio

Broke Ground:  March 2nd, 1987 

Opened: May 1st, 1987

Renovations:  1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2008, 2010

Owner:  James and Patricia McDermott

Initial Construction Cost:  $500 dollars

Surface:  Kentucky Blue Grass

Seating Capacity:  350 people

Field Dimensions:

Left Field - 92 feet
Left Center - 97 feet

Center Field - 121 feet

Right Center - 114 feet
Right Field - 102 feet
Pitcher's Mound - 30 feet 6 inches
Distance between bases - 45 feet


Most games in one Summer:  128

Most games in one day:  21 (Big Ass American BBQ 2010)

Longest Game:  15 innings (standard game is played in 5)

Youngest Homer:  Jimmy Adams, 8 years 9 months *Disputed record.  No certified officials witnessed the event.  Ed McDermott certified home run at 8 years, 10 months.

Only Female Homer:  Beth McDermott (1) - And she never hit one again.  

No-Hitters:  None (there have been several one hitters)

Consecutive years with a home run:  38, Big Jim (includes prior years at Golden Ager Park)

Most foul balls in one at bat - 11, Dan Bialek