About Us

We are a community of wiffleball enthusiasts who believe that somewhere above heaven and Iowa lies Sportsmans Park. 

We believe that parades and speeches are a waste of sunlight and would rather spend every holiday eating potato salad, drinking lemonade and playing wiffleball until our legs feel like over-fed cattle.

We take extra bases on shitty fielders and don't feel bad about it. 

We start at dawn and yield to nothing but darkness.

We know that bats aren't valid until they're taped up with duct tape and we lament wasted red bats with the same solemnity that one laments the passing of a good cat.   

We believe that the entrance to Jaybird's garden is a mystery not worth exploring.  

We play it off the tree, but not off the fence. 

We think that a tray of taco dip should be eaten in approximately 4 minutes.

We listen to the wind because it tells us whether to go for it or not.