Hunter Education/Hunting

In cooperation with the Maryland DNR,  IWLA Sportsman's Chapter will be offering the Hunter Education course on the following dates:
         2014 Schedule of Classes:
June 8, 14 and 15 - completed
August 10, 16 and 17- completed
September 6 or 7 (Internet course Exam/Field Day) - completed
The three day course includes lectures, hunter safety skills demonstration, range skills demonstrations (including live firing), and a final exam  that will complete all requirements. The course runs from 12 noon to 5 p.m. each of the three days.  Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a "Certificate of Competency in Firearms and Hunter Safety", which is required to hunt or purchase a hunting license in Maryland. This course is well suited for younger participants.

Internet course Exam/Field day starts at 12 noon.
Seating is limited for all courses. 
Please contact Jerry Rutkowski for additional information or to register for a class.

Check back for 2015 dates!


                                              IWLA SPORSTMAN’S CHAPTER HUNTING RULES

  1. Members who wish to hunt must be in good standing and have 4 hours of documented work activities prior to hunting this calendar/membership year. Hunting permission cards will be issued to qualified members.  They must be carried while hunting.

  2. No guest hunters permitted.

  3. Must abide by all current Maryland DNR hunting regulations and remain on IWLA property when hunting. 

  4. Center fire/rimfire rifles or handguns are not permitted.

  5. Sign in and out of your hunting area daily.  Sign out anytime you leave the property.  Display the red flag when hunting.  The property is divided into three areas as defined on the map in the hunter sign-in box and on the website. Areas are chosen on a ”first-come, first-serve basis”.  The only exceptions are the opening day of muzzleloader and firearm deer seasons.  A lottery will be drawn during the October membership meeting to determine the 3 hunters and their area preference for opening day of muzzleloader season. A second lottery will be drawn during the November membership meeting for opening day of firearm season.  This gives all qualified hunting members an equal opportunity to participate.

  6. Document your harvest at the end of the day on the sign in sheet.  The harvest record will be posted in the chapter house at the end of the season.

  7. In regards to minor children of members hunting the property, only one firearm is allowed in each hunting area per family per day.   (Example- son/daughter hunts, parent guides).  During archery deer season up to 2 members may hunt one area if both agree.  When waterfowl hunting over the pond in area 3, a hunting group of multiple members and shotguns is permitted.

  8. Limit of 2 deer per membership (individual or family) of which only 1 can be a buck, per season.

  9. Tree stands and ground blinds must be temporary and removed at the end of the day.  No screw-in steps or spikes.  Natural ground blinds are permitted to stay up for the season.  A fall arrest system must be worn at all times when using a tree stand.

  10. IWLA property is used and enjoyed by the membership with many different activities taking place throughout the year.  Hunting is not permitted while the property is being rented or being used for IWLA scheduled activities.  Hunting is a privilege that carries responsibility with it.  Any violation of the rules or any hunter acting in an unsafe manner will result in immediate suspension of their hunting privilege by the hunting committee until further review by the Sportsman’s IWLA Board of Directors. All disciplinary actions made by the Board of Directors are final.


Approved by the Hunting Committee 8/28/2014



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