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“History of Sports.

The Olympic Games, a Meeting Point for Europe”

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This project is designed to provide opportunities for pupils and teachers to discover the history of sports in Europe. Students love Physical Education, but they usually don’t know the origin of most of the sports they practise at school or in their daily life. The project will give them the opportunity of knowing the origin and evolution of their favorite sports, the most typical ones in Europe and in each of the countries that take part in the project. Every country within the partnership will examine the core focus on sports through elements and themes particular to their own context. This will facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between participating pupils and partners on a variety of products and activities.

The origin of sports in Europe is located in ancient Greece, in the Olympic Games, but students can study the evolution of those games until actual times.

         Objective of this partnership is to answer some questions as:

-         Why human started to practice sports?

-         Are there similarities between typical sports in different countries?

-         Which sports are common all around Europe?

This partnership will give us an opportunity to recognize our own sports and identify the sports of “others.” This is intended to remove xenophobia and racism and acquire an essential channel of communication with our European fellow-citizens.

The schools taking part in the project are from:

-         Spain, which is the coordinator

-         Poland 

-         France 

-         Scotland

-         Italy

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