Leadership Academy

All clubs require help and assistance. Whether it’s helping to coach, photograph the competitions, clubs and events or administrate the various tasks there is always help needed. This can be in college time, in nearby schools or at a quality club in your local area. Speak to me about what you wish to achieve through volunteering and I will help find you a placement which will suit your interests, needs and abilities.

The HSFC Leadership academy was launched last Year with students from all aspects of College life signed up. The academy supports students already involved in volunteering or facilitates others to find placements in their chosen sport or school. Students are also given the opportunity to volunteer & lead at one-off events throughout Herefordshire. Students involved have signed up to the Youth Sport Trust’s Step into Sport initiative which awards young people volunteering in sport. I am also hoping to link with Vinvolved to get students further accredited for their hard work. Next academic Year will also see an increase in the coaching & officiating qualifications available to students with courses such as hockey umpiring and basketball refereeing already planned.

Volunteering is a great way to boost your CV for job applications and UCAS if you are interested in going to University.  We have two schemes where you gain accreditation, the Step Into Sport awards and the V-Awards, both which are UCAS recognised.

If you undertake L&V we will help you to undertake courses such as First Aid or Coaching qualifications. If this all sounds like a good idea to you get in touch and we’ll begin sorting you out placements and finding out what qualification needs you have.


Please view this document to see a list of up-coming West Midlands coaching courses and qualifications you can undertake. Bursaries may be available through the County Sports Partnership. Contact Hannah Milde for further information.


The Leadership Academy will meet most Fridays in SH1 (by the Sports Hall). These sessions will focus on getting students signed up to the Step into Sport scheme, verifying your hours, finding you a placement and informing you of future courses, qualifications & volunteering/leading opportunities.

The next Leadership and Volunteering meetings will take place on:

Please see link to Calendar of Events at which students can lead and Volunteer at: