St. Augustine 2008 - Other Haunts
A Look at the Graveyard Action


I'm not big on graveyards as places to spot/photograph paranormal activity.  It does not seem logical that a spirit would waste their time in such a place, but, as St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US, perhaps untimely deaths occurred on these locations which were later covered with the remains of the dead. We investigated 3 such locations; Huguenot, Tolomato and the St. Augustine National Cemetery next to the National Guard headquarters. Below are the results.


My daughters camera (naturally). A nice big orb dangerously close to Old Glory. This place is a regular stop for all the ghost tours available in St. Augustine. Apparently, because one can get results.

Tolomato                                  This time it's my camera. It feels good to contribute once in a while. We have a daytime picture and an obvious night time photo complete with large gravely orb. This cemetery is a real favorite of local ghost hunters. There must have been twenty tripods in use watching for activity.

St. Augustine National Cemetery

A loved one has obviously left a flag, a hat and a cup of libation for a dear departed. One can only hope that some desperate living soul won't find the whiskey first. The second picture features one from my camera again. Two orbs are present; one against the house and one up close. There were no other orbs in the picture so I dismissed moisture as the cause. For more on the orb phenomenon, see our special page devoted to them. We were tipped off to this location by one of the tour guides. He said they were getting good results as it is the only large cemetery that isn't walled in and locked. I probably got a couple of lost bugs looking for the "spirits" on the left.

Other Places Mentioned in the Guide

21, Spanish Street

Google this address and see why I sought it out. Nothing special in my photos. This building is now home to a local grocery. I think the beer banner adds a lot to the ambiance of the street and the neighborhood.

St. Francis Inn

Supposedly, one of the most haunted inns in America, it is also the oldest operating bed and breakfast in America. 

Casa de Solana

We called this home for 3 nights. The Casa de Solana is the second oldest operating bed and breakfast in St. Augustine. The ghostly inhabitants include a lady in white with blond hair thought to be Mary Mitchel the English bride of Don Manuel Lorenzo Solana. Apparently, Senor Solana was quite wealthy and built the house as his personal residence. Mary lived in the Montejurra suite and that is believed to be the most haunted suite in the inn. Another woman named Victoria was born and died in the same suite and is said to continue her residence. There is also the spirit of Fredrico, a Spanish Dragoon, who guarded the house for many years until an Indian put an arrow in his back. He is said to continue his guard duty in the courtyard entrance to the inn shown above and in the Montejurra suite. If we were visited by any entities during the night, we slept through it.