St. Augustine 2008

St. Augustine Lighthouse 2008

St. Augustine Lighthouse

June 27, 2008 - Our second eventful investigation of St. Augustine's Lighthouse and Museum took place exactly as planned. We started with dinner at a haunted tavern named Scarlett O'Hara's with fellow paranormal investigators Jay and Kristi Hartley. After swapping stories about past and future adventures we headed back to the Casa de Solana bed and breakfast to load up our gear. On this investigation we brought a digital video recorder, 2 digital cameras, an EMF meter, a KII meter, an infrared digital thermometer and a digital voice recorder with 360 mike extension. We arrived at 9:20 pm and began by investigating the public park directly across from the lighthouse. As is usually the case, my daughter got the best photographs shown below. The first picture almost has a face in it. The second photo was taken moments afterwords in a different tree. This time we didn't catch anything playing on the swings.

   This year, again, Faith Albers was the lead guide for the investigation. We asked for and were allowed exclusive "quiet time" by Dayton Wilson, the other"Dark of the Moon" guide ,  to the lighthouse keepers home and museum. A 20 minute EVP session took place in the basement in an attempt to communicate with the 3 deceased children and Captain Rasmussen with no results. However, an interesting photograph was obtained. The first photo below shows an odd looking  formation on the wall which was not visible to us. . We examined the wall afterwords and I had my daughter take a closeup of that wall to verify there wasn't a stain or stone formation creating the anomaly (the second photograph).  We didn't see, hear or feel anything unusual in the house. EMF readings sporadically jumped from 0 to 1.6 in this particular area of the basement which was interesting but not particularly noteworthy. The KII meter showed no activity and thermal readings were consistent with no significant downward fluctuations to note as a cold spot.

Following the keeper's house visit we headed to the lighthouse itself. This is a spectacular structure that casts it's beacon close to 19 miles out to sea. As stated in the first investigation, the lighthouse is 165 feet tall and contains 219 steps to the top. At 86 degrees and probably the same number for humidity the climb up the lighthouse is a challenge to those of us who failed to qualify for the Olympic Decathlon Team. Once again we were allowed exclusive time in the tower with lights out. (If you should try this yourself, bring a flashlight. The towers' winding staircase can be treacherous and unforgiving in total darkness.) We set up shop on the second landing from the top to attempt some EVP work but no one was talking that night. My daughter and I did get a clear whiff of cigar smoke that was almost startling. It was gone as fast as it was there. The lighthouse staff believe it's the cigar smoke of Captain Rasmussen, the former keeper. We snapped over 300 pictures during the investigation. The most interesting follow.

The first image turned out to back up activity of phenomena recently reported. I have turned up the back round light on this to look for a human figure causing this "light" on the staircase.....there is no one there. Faith and Dayton both mentioned that lately there had been lights wandering about the inside of the lighthouse of different colors and this would seem to corroborate their assertions. However, in our case, I don't recall any of us spotting these lights with our eyes. Once again, my daughters camera captured the moment.

The second picture shows another light in the tower. I have tried to "debunk" this picture with closeup examination and light enhancement but cannot find a human source. However, since it originated in my camera, I remain skeptical about it being paranormal. Readings in the tower were as follows: KII never left green. EMF had few fluctuations with the exception of the second landing from the top where it spiked over 4.0 when the cigar smoke was evident. The top landing that was so active last year only had a few moments of readings between 1.6 and 2.5. Thermal was almost constant. No cold spots detected.

The picture below could be our best yet. Look at the very top landing (yes, the famous one) and note what appears to be a head looking down at us. There are two amazing facts surrounding this picture: 1. we were alone in the tower so it's not flesh and blood (as we know it) and 2. I took it.  We have video taken during this time period that reveals nothing, yet, here is an anonmoly we can't explain. The pictures directly in front of this are unremarkable and the one taken directly after this (6 seconds) reaveals nothing.  Below the original picture is a blowup of the figure.


We have had two successful trips to the St. Augustine lighthouse in two consecutive years. Put this on your to do list if ghost hunting is your passion. I don't think it will disappoint anyone with the proper equipment. Click here for S.P.O.O.K. team members on the job:  S.P.O.O.K. in Action

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