St. Augustine 2007 - Other Investigations



Spanish Military Hospital

 This building is a rebuilt replica of the original hospital that tended the wounded and near dead from numerous wars including the Civil War. The "medical" practices of the time included herbs, bloodletting and, when all else failed, amputations. The city of St. Augustine apparently found bones underneath the original hospital when updating their water lines.  We were surprised at how small the hospital was. A few rooms with period furniture and a gruesome array of "instruments" were about what it boiled down to. A number of digital pictures were taken. As luck would have it an orb appeared over the bed in the mourning room. It was the only bit of "evidence" found. The EMF readings were unremarkable. As a side note: none of my pictures had anything in them - only my daughters.

Old St. Augustine Village 

 This is about the only location around St. Augustine that is NOT labeled as haunted. Yet, pictured here, are two orbs floating over the furniture to the left accompanied by an actual EMF reading in the room that far exceeds the base of the building, which was .2 to .4. There was nothing visible to the naked eye. No EVP detection was made. Nothing appeared on the digital DVR. The female historian who was in charge that day knew of no haunting in her buildings - until we informed her about the raised levels of electromagnetic fields in one of her houses. Little did we know what the pictures would reveal.




Castillo de San Marcos

Arguably the most popular tourist attraction in St. Augustine, the Castillo de San Marcos was finished in 1695 after 23 years of construction. The fort withstood several attacks over the centuries but never fell as a result. In the late 1800's 74 Native American Indians from the Great Plains were held captive in the fort. It is said that the ghosts of the Indians haunt the grounds of the old fort. There is also the specter of a girl in a white dress that walks the walls and grounds as well as that of a Spanish soldier who is searching for a ring and who still smells of garlic.  Our EMF readings never went above .2 in and outside the fort. The picture below is in the chapel. On the door are two floating orbs. As you look at it, one is in the upper center and the other is in the lower right.


Flagler College 

Flagler College was once the Ponce de Leon hotel. The old hotel is now home to a very fine university housing just over 2200 students. It is also known as a haunted hot spot in St. Augustine. There are two locations where paranormal activity is reported most often: Ponce de Leon Hall - the girls dormitory, and the front hall. The mistress of Henry Flagler is said to haunt the fourth floor of the dormitory as she hung herself in the mirrored ballroom when it was still a hotel. So haunted, apparently, that the room is now boarded up. The front hall and rotunda area are home to the ghost of Flagler himself. As the story goes, during his funeral the body was shown in the rotunda. The doors and windows were all opened to allow his spirit to leave. The janitor not knowing what the drill was closed them all as was his appointed duty. The guests felt a huge gust of wind that was later determined to be Flagler's ghost trying to get out without success. The force of his attempted escape was such that his spirit hit the tiled floor and made an impression of his face. I would have liked to have seen this. During our visit, no face was seen in a tile - but - two digital pictures taken about 5 seconds apart pointing at - yes - the girls dormitory revealed an orb presumably in motion. The orb in the first picture is rather faint and to the right of the light fixture. In the second picture it is more defined as has moved downward and to the right. As a side bar, there were EMF fluctuations in the rotunda but they did not vary more than +/- .3 at any one moment. Both pictures were, again, taken by my daughter.



St. Augustine 2008 Lighthouse

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