Paranormal Investigations

Affectionately known as S.P.O.O.K. - (Scientific Paranormal Operation of Kansas) -  We have actively been conducting investigations since 2004 and continue at this moment. We are available for private investigations of homes or businesses the details of which are available here:  How We Investigate 

We are not in the business of proving the supernatural exist. We take a neutral stance on any location we visit. We collect data that is then analyzed and, if appropriate, presented to the client. We use scientific equipment as well as digital video and audio devices. Mediums, clairvoyants, and Ouija boards are not part of our investigative strategy. Use them on your own time and at your own risk. We stick to the science.

Our website contains the results of investigations we have undertaken in the last four years. We are located in Wichita, Kansas. We do not charge for an investigation in the surrounding area. Currently, we have three members. My daughter, Megan, is our "spirit lure". While other investigative groups bring thousands of dollars of sophisticated equipment, miles of wire, and a much larger team, we bring a young woman . No, she's not particularly sensitive or able to "speak" to them, they just appear to be drawn to her. If you browse our results at the Stanley Hotel, you'll see what I mean - visually.

The website contains investigations both stateside and abroad. We have also added several related topic pages linked below: accommodations in haunted places, related links and a listing of paranormal films that may be of interest. Refreshingly, we sell nothing on our site (including our logo apparel) nor do we link to Amazon. In other words, there are no booby traps. pop ups or re-directions to annoy our visitors.

You may contact us via E-mail at:  My name is Tom Tongue.




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