St Augustine Lighthouse - 2007
"The Mona Lisa of Paranormal Activity". - Brian


St. Augustine Lighthouse - St. Augustine, Fla.


Situated on Anastasia Island, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is clearly visible from the shoreline of the old city of St. Augustine. The black and white spiral tower with red beacon on top rises 165 feet and is the tallest visible structure on the island.  The lighthouse finished construction in 1874. It was in 1873, during construction, that tragedy struck. Three young girls accidentally were killed when a conveyor device they were riding on broke from it's cable and plummeted into the sea trapping them under the water. Two of the girls, Mary and Eliza were the construction supervisors' daughters. The third girl was probably a workers daughter. Two other children survived the deadly occurrence. The lighthouse staff can confirm four other deaths in and around the lighthouse - three keepers and one keeper's wife. There is no certainty that any of those deaths were anything more than normal in nature.

In June of 2007 we took the "Dark of the Moon" tour with Faith Albers. (If you saw Ghost Hunters "Return to St. Augustine Lighthouse", she was the sites representative during that episode.) We began the evening in the lighthouse keeper's house. Someone or something had just turned all the lights on in the basement - the staff was all accounted for upstairs. There were no unusual EMF or temperature readings in the house but several interesting pictures turned up:

These are footprints that will not go away. No one knows whose feet these are.

This is a corner of the basement where children's toys are kept. Look above the hanging cage next to the dolls; two orbs are seen.

A purely random picture taken of the lower part of the staircase in the basement reveals an orb in the upper right corner.

The second part of the evening focused on the lighthouse itself. Faith climbed the 219 stairs with the grace of an Olympic athlete while I stopped at several landings to "investigate" and get air. In talking with her she noted the amount of equipment we had and was gracious enough to allow us almost an hour alone in the tower after the tour was over. In that hour we went to work with our gear to see what we could come up with.

This picture was shot from the top of the tower. That's not the moon but an orb hovering 165 feet off the ground. Faith was telling us that a lady in white is often seen on the walkway at the top. The EMF reading got to 1.2 at one point from a base of 0 to .1. But, it being an outside reading at the top of a lighthouse, I didn't give that a lot of credibility.

Inside the lighthouse was a different story. EMF readings throughout were 0 to .2 - until the third landing from the top - the landing where cigar smoke is sometimes smelled.  The reading was 2.8 to 3.0 coming in sporadic bursts - first here then there. We did some EVP work on that landing, took photos and used a digital camcorder - all to neutral results. The top landing (now infamous from TAPS videos of a figure leaning over) also gave some high readings. These jumped from .1 on the last stair before the landing to 3.8 on the landing itself. Once again, the readings were not continuous but jumped as I moved about the landing. At times the entire landing was not more than .2 and then would go to 2.5 - jump to 3.6 etc. I checked the area closest to the revolving light up top and got no EMF readings worth recording so whatever was causing the spikes was on the landing itself. 

This photo was shot looking directly up at the landing. Note the orb at the second landing. We took many pictures all through the lighthouse and have only one orb to show for it. I personally have a neutral stance on the orb phenomenon. I think there is energy involved when not moisture or something else in the air but to say it's a "spirit"? I don't know that - no one does. It's an oddity to the pictures we took in the lighthouse and so it is included.

The picture here is very dark and inconclusive but it is presented because it appears someone is looking over the railing.

Faith gave us a great tip on our way out. She said the deceased girls had often been seen in the park across the street - playing on the swing set:

3 dead girls, 3 orbs - you decide.  As an interesting side note to this investigation, all of these pictures were taken by my then 16- year -old daughter save the one with the figure on the landing. Connection or just coincidence?

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