ABOUT ME (1958 and ongoing)

I was born Margaret Christine Mary Doust in 1958 in my grandparent's home in Redhill, Surrey, England. If my father had had his way I would have been called Margaret Angela Doust. Now some of you might think those initials apt for my personality, but no doubt there would have been some stick at school. Fortunately my parents realized their error just in time. 

My mother was a Radiographer and I used to love thumbing through her professional manual. Those broken bones enthralled me! Mfather worked as an X-Ray Engineer. My parents had four children and I was the only girl.

A definite tomboy as a child, I grew up in South West England where I played football endlessly with my brothers. This skill eventually bore fruit and I won a medal doing what my feet did best - kicking a ball.

School was not my favourite place as it meant hours sitting in room. Most of the time I looked out of the window day dreaming. Being cooped up meant I 

was not outside where I felt naturally comfortable. 

My favourite subject was PE and I excelled at hockey as girls were not allowed to play football at school back then.

Teachers made the comment back then that if I could have learnt on the playing field I would be a genius.

My other joy was writing. I find this interesting now, as most of it was illegible due to poor reading skills, creative spelling and a total misunderstanding of the English language. 

They call it dyslexia now! But my imagination refused to be curbed by such a minor detail. Accordingly, I have 

written many books in my head, but only 

one has been published! 

Since leaving school I have had a full life and in my thirties succumbed to marrying. I have three wonderful children, and my love of stories now meant I could encourage my own children to help with the plots, as we made them up at bedtime. 

This love of story telling finally became a reality when my first novel was published in September 2014. So instead of kicking a ball, I took up writing and found a desire to kick words around instead, passing, dribbling and eventually scoring the winner - I hope.

It would have been hard for me to have written something dry and crusty as my sense of humour tends to  take over. 

I also have a very strong faith which is tested in the day to day commotion of life. This has lent itself to a 'slightly' different perspective on the world. 

To this end a Christian fiction novel was born out of the insights that a chaotic life brings. 

At five am one morning, a lady called Victoria Sponge, was born. Her funny, thought provoking, tender, faith filled, at times painful journey, takes the reader on a week's cruise through life lived in the Sponge household. 

The book kicks around with the true concept that God is our Father and friend. He walks with us during our day to day tasks and wants to hear all about them, no matter what the time or details. 

So if you want to read something different, yet not very heavy about our relationship with God, then "How to make Victoria Sponge" could be your cup of tea or coffee, with a large slice of cake. 

I hope you enjoy the book, as it was a pleasure to write it.