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How to make Victoria Sponge


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Victoria Sponge is a housewife and preschool assistant. She lives with Bob her husband, and four children. Henry, twins Gabby and Johnny and last but not least Lily Pink. 

Victoria, known as Vicki, juggles the roles of wife, mother, daughter, friend and colleague in a unique way. Her days are filled with funny and at times tragic incidences that stretch her to the limit.

Super woman she is not, but her faith in God gives her that extra spoon of sugar to help her through her day. Prospective readers may think this is just another book about family life, however, Victoria Sponge is different. She knows she is not in charge of her life and needs a helping hand from a greater source (or sauce) of encouragement.  

How to make Victoria Sponge

A Jewel in the Sponge - Johnny's story

A beautiful story of how much God adores Johnny Sponge and is included free at the back of the book. 

Johnny struggles with being different and after writing a letter to his mother saying that he has had enough, God answers it.....