Hear, O Zeus

Hear, O Zeus,
Cloud Gatherer,
Dweller on the Mountains,
Bringer of Victory,
Impartial in Judgment,
By whatever name it pleases you to be called!

Coming down from the heights of Olympos,
you act, and the world trembles,
you judge, and none dare challenge!

How often have you brought your aid,
empowering just hands to overturn wicked acts,
returning in storm to wash and renew the land?

I offer thanks for the many works of your powerful arms.

Be kind enough to lead me back to the places
where once again libations may be poured for your pleasure,
where the smell of sacrifices may once again rise to bring you delight.

Wherever I go, bring me safely back,
and I will tend the sacred flame,
give to you appropriate offerings,
and raise a song in praise of Mighty Zeus!