Our people  make it happen.  It's true, why join a gym when you can join the circus?  Spokane Aerial's leaders are people who can make circus happen for you!   From the very Basic I lessons through Performance Lab and Private Lessons, we can accommodate your wishes and help you meet your goals.  And remember, you'll get very strong along the way.

5503 E. Broadway, Suite 2, Spokane Valley, WA  99212.

AMANDA KYLE, Instructor and Performer (Aerial Silks and Lyra)
Photo Credit: Fine Art Photography

DONNA BRICKETT, Instructor and Performer (Aerial Silks)
Donna has loved the circus arts, especially silks, since attending a cirque show 15 years ago. She has son who is a budding scientist and a daughter who shares her love of all things circus.  Photo Credit:  Fine Art Photography

AMBER HUNTER, Instructor and Performer (Lyra and Aerial Silks)

KRISTI MCKENNA, Instructor (Aerial Silks)

Our goal  is to create a circus gathering place to celebrate the art and fitness of all people of all ages.   We strive to engage, cultivate and educate all audiences about the art, culture,  and athleticism of the circus arts.   We are constantly discovering opportunities for artistic and creative expression in circus while providing access to the circus arts and enhancing the quality of life for participants and members of the community. 


Spokane Aerial Owner, Instructor and Performer (Rouge Cyr Wheel)
Patrick is the co-owner of Spokane Aerial and a "grandpa."  He teaches cyr wheel and has invested in fitness his entire life.  A culinary graduate of the Art Institute of Phoenix, Patrick is the connoisseur of most Spokane Aerial gatherings and parties.

Spokane Aerial Owner and Instructor 
Sherrie is a grandmother and crazy strong circus artist, a clown, gymnast and runner.  Currently planning to compete on the uneven bars and performing multiple times per year on lyra, Sherrie is married to Patrick Martin, co-owner of Spokane Aerial.  Photo Credit: Kelly Cottier

WILLOW O'HARA, Instructor and Performer (Fire Dancing and Fire Eating)

SHAWNA BRANTNER, Instructor and Performer (Aerial Silks)
Shawna loves to dance in the air on the silks and feel like she is flying. Shawna is a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters who shares her love of silk aerial.  Photo Credit:  Fine Art Photography