Learn the art of Aerial Silks just like Cirque du Soleil. Why go to the gym when you could join the circus?  

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Try our $10 Teaser Classes in December!  CLICK HERE to sign up.  Click on the ABOUT OUR CLASSES link to learn about us.  Scroll down for highlights of new classes.

TEASER CLASSES - ALL Teaser Classes Meet only once! 

Kids Bungee Teaser $10 for 1 class.

Adult Bungee Teaser $10 for 1 class.

Adult (ages 18 and up) Acro Teaser $10 for 1 class.

Cyr Wheel Teaser $10 for 1 class.

Kids (ages 6 to 11) Silks $10 for 1 class. 

Adult Silks (ages 12 and up). $10 for 1 class.

FOR $10 for the December 2018 Mini Session!  This is a three (3) week session. 
Get your cardio, core and open gym for aerial in for only $10 (prerequisite: must have completed one session of Basic I).

This is a 2 hour class.  The first hour is core conditioning and also includes some cardiovascular fitness.  The second hour is open workout.  Ages 16 and up.


 Offered Sundays at 2:30 pm 
 Sign up right away, classes
 fill quickly.

Offered on Sundays at 1:00 pm. Learn aerial silk, aerial hoop, bungee and stilt walking.

Your first time taking aerial?  Join our Basic I Class.  Read the description HERE.

You will learn aerial silk technique, the basics of being off the ground on silks, and the foundations of safety for the aerial arts.  This class is required of all new students.
Photo: Gina Beasley

Friday, November 30th
Doors open at 5pm.  Cookie judging begins at 7pm.
Open to current students of Spokane Aerial Performance Arts.  
Click on the link above for details of the evening performances and prizes!

For ages 12 to 70+
For sizes 110 lbs to 250 lbs
For fitness levels beginners to advanced
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New class filled with cartwheels, bridges, mini trampoline and more!  Click HERE to register! Ages 18 and up only.


Try your very first Cyr Wheel class for only $10 in the December Mini Session.