Getting Started with SharePointOnline (SPO)

Post date: Aug 31, 2015 9:56:02 AM

The intention of this site is to explore the possibilities with Sharepoint Online. So far I'm trying different DNS editing where the CNAME didn't work as expected. Instead I had to use A and point directly to the IP-address.

Probably this is a feature of my DNS-provider rather than a bug in SharePoint Online. To enable CNAME on my DNS-provider, I need to use a subdomain, which isn't of my interest.

The process begins with a MX-pointer from the DNS-provider making sure my domain is owned by me. When confirmed in SharePoint Online, you add a A-pointer from the DNS-provider to my SharePoint Online IP-address, which on default doesn't answer on PING. But you get the IP-address anyway using PING from your Command Prompt. The picture shows part of the SharePoint Admin Center, which is included in your SharePoint Online account.