Middle School Athletic Participation Forms and Participation Requirements

Participation Forms

Athletic participation forms for the 2017-18 school year must be completed and submitted prior to participation in practice/tryouts.

Student-athletes must also provide proof of a current physical examination.  Proof of physical exam must be delivered to the main office at the middle school your child attends.

Participation Requirements

  • Please see the middle school athletic contract for academic eligibility information.
  • Before a student may tryout, practice or participate in athletics s/he must provide the school with written evidence that s/he has had a physical examination and is in good health.  This must include the date of the physical examination and be signed by the physician.  Physical examinations are good for two years from the date of the last exam.
  • All athletes and parents will need to sign and return the Student Participation and Parental Approval Contract. This information sheet serves as a student participation and parental approval contract for the school year. Failure to return this form by the deadline stated by the coach will cause the student to miss practices and games until the form is returned.
  • Evidence of proof of medical insurance.  The school does not carry insurance on individual athletes. Parents are responsible for providing proof of appropriate insurance coverage. Insurance is available for purchase and that information will be sent home the first day of school.
  • Please return the signed athletic contract and proof of a physical examination to your child's respective middle school.