2011-12 Lecture Series

September 8, 2011:     The Battle of Leyte Gulf
    Presenter: Tim Green

October 13, 2011:         The Strategic Air Command: Cold War Flash Points

    Presenter: Anthony Brienza

November 10, 2011:     Anglo-Zulu War: Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift

    Presenter: Hal Flickinger

December 8, 2011:         Robert Buffum: Jayhawker, Spy, and Murderer

    Presenter: John Lamphere

January 12, 2012:         The Battle of Stalingrad

    Presenter: Tom Flickinger

February 9, 2012:         The 27th Infantry Division: The New York Division

    Presenter: Kevin Lynch

March 8, 2012:             The Irish Brigade in the Civil War

    Presenter: R.L. Murray

April 12, 2012:             1812: Napoleon's Russian Campaign

    Presenter: Hal Flickinger

May 10, 2012:             Operation Iraqi Freedom: The Second Invasion of Iraq

    Presenter: Tom Flickinger

June 14, 2012:             The Chosin Reservoir

    Presenter: Joseph R. Owen

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