2009-2010 Lecture Series

The lecture schedule for the 2009-2010 academic year was as follows:

October 22, 2009:      Luftwaffe Plans to Bomb the US in World War II
          Presenter: Hal Flickinger

November 17,2009:     New Yorkers at Gettysburg
         Presenter: R.L. Murray

December 17, 2009:    New York in the French and Indian War
    Presenter: Hal Flickinger

January 7, 2010:      Naval Combat During the Age of Sail
      Presenter: Timothy Green

February 18, 2010:    The Battle of Waterloo 
                      Presenter: Hal Flickinger

March 25, 2010:       Field Artillery During the Civil War
                      Presenter: R.L. Murray

April 8, 2010:        The Falkland Islands War
                      Presenter: Hal Flickinger

May 20,  2010:        The Battle of the Ia Drang Valley
                      Presenter: Tom Flickinger

June 10, 2010:        Warfare Among the Dani of Indonesia

                      Presenter: Dr. Tom Gokey