2012-13 Lecture Series

September 13, 2012: The Battles of Baltimore and Fort McHenry
            Presenter: Hal Flickinger
October 11, 2012: The History of the New York State Militia
            Presenter: Kevin Lynch Sr.
November 8, 2012:  Deus Vult: The First Crusade
            Presenter: Hal Flickinger
December, 2012: Troops from Onondaga County in the Civil War
            Presenter: R L Murray
January 19, 2013: Operation Eagle Claw: the Death and Rebirth of Special Operations 
            Presenter: Tom Flickinger
February 14, 2013: The Troubles: the War between Britain and the IRA
            Presenter: Hal Flickinger
March 14, 2013: Napoleon at Austerlitz
            Presenter: R L Murray
April 11, 2013: Battles of the Bible: the Campaigns of Joshua
            Presenter: Hal Flickinger
May 9, 2013: The Battle of Plattsburg (War of 1812)
            Presenter: Tim Green