Bicycle tour to Julier, Maloja and Spluegen pass / Switzerland

Welcome to our Radltour to Switzerland & Italy

20 June 2016 through
27 June 2016

Iris, age 71
Road bike Tour to Switzerland
Review of the bike Tour to Switzerland

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

Time for a bicycle chillout...

We are still riding our bicycles, working on climbs we missed to do before.

So, we made the Albula summit at Switherland. With very scenic views to the Rhatische Bahn (railroad).

Then the Majoija summit, with a wonderful downhill to the ancient Italian city of Chiavenna.

Before Chiavenna, a shady bike trail leaded us right into the city.

Extrem friendly people. Mostly speaking German. The call themself "Grenzgänger" - which means they are working in Switzerland...

And then... the Spluga summit. Another bicyclist warned us, saying "this is another liga". He was so right.

But views, we never will forget.

Enjoy the pictures and the rport.

Good luck to our followers.

1st day: day distance round 70 kilometers; accommodation at Valbella

starting at the Austrian railroad station Feldkirch.

Heading for Switzerland which is just some miles apart.

Riding along the Rhine river towards Landquart and Chur.

We climbed up the Lenzerheide summit an found accomodation at Valbella


2nd day: day distance round 75 kilometers (accommodation Youth hostel Pontresina)

starting at Valbella (Lenzerheide) towards Albula summit.

Passing Tiefencastle and Flisur. A very scenic ride; always near the Rhätische Bahn.


3rd day: day distance round 70 kilometers (our rest day, because of the downhill)

starting at Pontresina, passing the three lakes at St.Moritz.

Lago San Murrezan, Lago Silvaplana and Lago Sils.

This is the start of the river Inn.

The way to Maloja is rather flat and one is riding on a newly errected bike way.

At the end you may find Maloja. A little town, whereas the Maloja summit starts.

Easy for us, we made it downhill.

At the end of our daily tour we reached the old Italian city of Chiavenna.


4th day: day distance round 70 kilometers (the other liga - the Spluga summit)