Since 2008, the LREC conference has provided a stimulating environment for the Workshop on "Semantic Processing of Legal Texts" (SPLeT) that focus on the topics of Language Resources (LRs) and Human Language Technologies (HLTs) in the legal domain. The workshops have been a venue where researchers from the Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence and Law communities meet, exchange information, compare perspectives, and share experiences and concerns on the topic of legal knowledge extraction and management, with particular emphasis on the semantic processing of legal texts. Along with the SPLeT workshops, there have been a number of workshops and tutorials focussing on different aspects of semantic processing of legal texts at conferences of the Artificial Intelligence and Law community (e.g. JURIX, ICAIL).

To continue this momentum and to advance research, we propose to hold the 5th edition of SPLeT in conjunction with the LREC-2014. LREC provides a forum in which to report on applications of linguistic technologies to particular domains as well as a context where individuals from academia and industry can interact to discuss problems and opportunities, find new synergies, and promote initiatives for international cooperation. Thus, the workshop at LREC will bring to the attention of the broader LR/HLT community the specific technical challenges posed by the semantic processing of legal texts and also share with the community the motivations and objectives which make it of interest to researchers in legal informatics.