Transporter Room

Here you will find links to helpful resources, not covered by the Orientation Manual.

Star TrekThe official website, containing a Database.

Memory AlphaA wiki covering canonized Star Trek material. For non-canon works, see Memory Beta.

Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Online Database & ArchiveA great site, with newer ships adapted to the FASA game. Brad Torgersen has even revised some of the original ship artwork to make them look more refined.

FASA Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat SimulatorAn extensive site, including both original and fan-made designs.

UFC465537 Guardian of ForeverFASA resources, hosting some which were originally available at Xon Gaming by Mark FASAST.

Guardian of ForeverThe companion Yahoo! Group to the above site.

Morena ShipyardsA fairly active Yahoo! Group dedicated to FASA Star Trek.

Rob Bocchino’s FASA Star Trek SiteA resource for players in his campaigns.

Xon GamingHosted by Crimson Pirate, and includes an extensive list of links to other FASA Star Trek resources. Links may not be working.

Adventure Gaming in the Star Trek UniverseAn extensive list of campaign settings. You may find forebears of USS Excalibur there also.

Warp ZoneA couple of campaign settings for Star Trek, including a Tiberius-class variant of USS Excalibur.

RenegadesA crowd-sourced project to create a new episodic series, produced by many veteran cast and crew. I’d love to play a Section 31 campaign, using FASA’s Star Fleet Intelligence Manual.

FASA Star Trek Character Generator - An ambitious project to create a program for generating FASA characters. Also includes racial modifiers for nearly every alien in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Star Trek Adventures - A new RPG upcoming from Modiphius Entertainment. Check out the playtest aboard USS Bellerophon.