Welcome to SPLat 2015 ! 

The SPLat workshop aims to provide a platform for the presentation and positioning of formal analysis tools as used in software product line engineering, for the identification of commonalities and differences of these tools as well as for the inventorying of challenges for their application. Tools include model checkers, test tools, SAT/SMT solvers and other support software (like run-time verifiers, theorem provers, type checkers, consistency checkers and optimization tools), applied to software product lines. The workshop exerts an exchange of and discussion on ideas and research questions concerning the representation of feature-related and product family-related concepts, and on successes and issues related to the applicability and scalability of tool-supported approaches to SPL validation and verification.

As such the workshop connects to one of the topics of SPLC 2015 in Nashville. Being part of the main forum of software product line engineering, the workshop seeks to gather researchers on formal approaches to software product line analysis as well as practitioners looking for solutions to actual problems arising in the use of analysis tools.
The workshop also bridges to other research fields related to formal verification and application areas of formal approaches.

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