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"The world Steps Aside For The Person Who Knows Where He is Going"... 

This slogan from my AIESEC inspires me a lot n i do believe in it. 

I m here to prove myself and i believe every persons real goal is to get recognized.. Thatz what i aim at... Because when u get recognized u get peace of mind... I might sound like a very spiritual person but please.. there is nothing like spiritual in this world.. its all about ur ways of thinking.. 

I am doing MCA right now.. after Bcom.. Let me make it clear, people are asking me why i changed my field.. Ofcourse they wud.. because few months back i had no plans for this field.. People say they r doing MBA or CA.. I say I m doing MCA.. bt i m not regreting my choice because i feel i hv taken the best decision in my life.. as i m enjoying the work here.. I don have a computer background so its a tip for all the people out there.. please don think that MCA is not a field for Bcom.. instead i say its the best field after bcom if u r not doing CA or MBA...

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