•  Swimming for Triathlon
The swim teaching philosophy's main focus is on distance freestyle swimming for triathletes.
The SplashnDash swim training program is focused on triathlon swimming: efficient, long-endurance swimming with minimal effort being the goal. If this is an area you need improvement, or you just want to learn to swim, SplashnDash offers private swim lessons. To register click here
  • Check out our Train for Tri Triathlon Clinics
We run Triathlon Clinics from September  to the end of May with the goal to bring you to your first Triathlon, or to your best Triathlon. These clinics are heavily focused on swimming for triathlon.

  • New!! Thursday Morning Swim 1100 am

We now have a  10-week Thursday morning swim at the Paul Reynold's Pool for those too busy to swim in the evenings or early mornings!! This is a one hour coached lane swim. The cost is $80.50. Registration is available here.


  • Individual Swim Stroke Assessment

An integral part of any swim training plan should be a swim assessment including a comprehensive video assessment. The power of visual feedback and visual analytics, i.e. seeing what you are actually doing when you swim compared with what you think you're doing or what you're being told that you're doing, is amazing! We take an in-depth look at breathing, body position, rotation, hand entry, catch & pull, & kicking utilizing both over & under-water video footage. We offer two types of assessments:

Swim stroke assessment. In this $75 video assessment, we'll look at your swim stroke, swim speed and stroke pace, identify the areas that can be improved and give you the tools to work with by a second in-pool session detailing the drills required to work on. We also provide you with a written assessment and a copy of the video footage of your swim. To book this swim stroke assessment click here.