Assessments and Personal Training Plans

A comprehensive triathlon training plan is available for all distances including Sprint, Olympic, Long (70.3), and IronMan. The detailed workout plans include basic swim, bike & run plans with a  gradual Increase in intensity and distance to avoid injuries and over training along with every 4th week as a recovery week. The plans take a structured and balanced approach to endurance training so you do not burn out and are suitable for all levels of fitness from experienced athletes to beginners.

The workouts are easy to read and follow with a Time-Intensity grid for each training day - allowing you to mentally gauge how intense or long your workouts will take. The workouts include Brick, Speed Work, and Endurance routines. They may also be incorporated into your existing training plan.

 Triathlon Training Plan
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An integral part of the individualized training planis a swim asessment including a comprehensive video assessment. The power of visual feedback and visual analytics, i.e. seeing what you are actually doing when you swim compared with what you think you're doing or what you're being told that you're doing, is amazing! We take an in-depth look at breathing, body position, rotation, hand entry, catch & pull, & kicking utilizing both over & under-water video footage. We also provide you with a written assessment and a copy of the video footage of your swim.
Swim Stroke Assessment
  • Stroke assessment. In this video assessment, we'll look at your basic swim stroke, identify the areas that can be improved on and give you the tools to work with by a second in-pool session detailing the drills required to work on. To book this swim stroke assessment click here.
New to biking? Want to become more efficient in your bike output?
Bike Assessment with Bike Plan
  • Individual bike assessment complete with power, efficiency and torque angle analysis and potentials, bike posture video anaylsis, bike fitting and an individualized biking/triathlon plan. To register, click here.
Running, in relation to triathlon, is a different animal than runing alone! It requires a different approach to training, especially as each runner has a specific style & goal and therefore requires a specific training plan.
Run Assessment with Run Plan
  • Always wanted to learn to run?? Want to become more efficient in your running? Where to begin? A running assessment complete with video footage and benchmarking is a good start. Included also in this assessment is a one hour one on one with the coach and a run plan. Interested?,Click here for more info and registration!


  • Already a accomplished or intermediate runner, but want to get more efficient and faster? A intermediate/advanced running assessment is the key to a better performance. Included in this assessment is video footage and analysis of your running style, a 1 hour one-on-one with the running coach, and a running plan specificially taylored to your goal race and level of performance.
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  • One-on-one personal run lessons with the coach, click here for registration.