Organized Mountain Bike Trail Rides with a twist!                  
          • Registration is now full.
              • 6 weeks, Sunday mornings 9:00 am, starting September 23rd, 2018 (note: Thanksgiving Weekend, ride is Monday morning instead of Sunday)

              You will love these trail rides along our scenic trails. You will watch the colours change from week to week while enjoying a good workout in a group setting. The rides will vary in length progressively throughout the duration of this session. These rides are not races, but coached biking sessions. Alternating meeting points. Limited number of registrations available!!

              Cost: $29.25 (HST included)/ 6 weeks. Please note that we only accept email transfers for payments.
              Registration is now full.

              Winterlude - Beginner to moderate Fat tire snow bike riding clinic !!!

              When : 4 Sunday mornings 9 am starting mid January
              Where: Upper Pippy Park and various trails around the city

              A perfect way to get into and experience this fastest growing winter sport here in the city in a social and fun setting. 

              The clinic has 2-3 pace groups and is a perfect way to get ready for the upcoming Snow Bike Festival

              Cost: TBD & HST.

              Registration starting soon.

                • Spin Classes in the Town of Paradise
                      Available  lunch times  and evenings, info is available here

                        • Spin Classes In Mt. Pearl, Summit Centre
                                  Available in the early mornings, lunch times and evenings, info is available here

                            • Individual Bike Assessment

                                                                    New to biking? Want to become more efficient in your bike output?
                                                                    SplashnDash is offering an individual bike assessment complete with power, efficiency and torque angle anaylsis & potentials, bike fitting, bike posture video anaylsis and an individualized biking/triathlon plan with online training.
                                                                    To register, click here.

                                                            Please note that we accept email transfers for payments.