• Turbo Trainer Classes - Tuesday evenings

              Gonzaga cafeteria, starting January 30, 2018 / 5 weeks

              Come train with your fellow athletes where we share and experience the workouts from some of our great athletes in this province. 

              Cost:  $25 & HST/ 5 x 1 hr classes. 
              To register, click herePlease note that we accept email transfers for payments. 

            Organized Mountain Bike Trail Rides with a twist!                  
                • NEW ROUTES FOR THIS FALL!!!
                    • 6 weeks, Sunday mornings 9:00 am, starting September 24th, 2017

                    You will love these trail rides along our scenic trails. You will watch the colours change from week to week while enjoying a good workout in a group setting. The rides will vary in length progressively throughout the duration of this session. These rides are not races, but coached biking sessions. Alternating meeting points.

                    Cost: $25 & HST/ 6 weeks. Please note that we also accept email transfers for payments.
                    This is a TriNL sanctioned event. Sorry, this series is completely full for the 2017 season. e.

                    Winterlude - Beginner to moderate Fat tire snow bike riding clinic !!!

                    When : 4 Sunday mornings 9 am starting mid January
                    Where: Upper Pippy Park and various trails around the city

                    A perfect way to get into and experience this fastest growing winter sport here in the city in a social and fun setting. 

                    The clinic has 2-3 pace groups and is a perfect way to get ready for the upcoming Snow Bike Festival

                    Cost: TBD & HST.

                    Registration starting soon.

                      • Spin Classes in the Town of Paradise
                            Available in the early mornings, lunch times  and evenings, info is available here

                              • Spin Classes In Mt. Pearl, Summit Centre
                                        Available in the early mornings, lunch times and evenings, info is available here

                                  • Individual Bike Assessment

                                                                          New to biking? Want to become more efficient in your bike output?
                                                                          SplashnDash is offering an individual bike assessment complete with power, efficiency and torque angle anaylsis & potentials, bike fitting, bike posture video anaylsis and an individualized biking/triathlon plan with online training.
                                                                          To register, click here.

                                                                  Please note that we also accept email transfers for payments.