Open Water Swim Series

Results for week four of the 2017 Series are available here

  •  2018 Open Water Swim Series - 
  • 6 Wednesdays, July 18th - Aug 29th, 2018 (no swim Regatta Day)
     Trophies and (good) weather provided  by   
    2018 will mark our ninth year for the Open Water Series !!
    Long Pond, St. John's (see map below) 
    To gain open water swim skills in a competitive setting is our main goal. 
    You can choose again between 750m and 1500m swim distance. More chances to win those coveted trophies!

    Start times:
    Out-of-Competition: 5:30 pm sharp
    750m:                       5:45 pm sharp
    1500 m :                   6:10 pm sharp
    Elites :                      6:40 pm sharp

    CATEGORY                 PRIZE                  GROUP                                 AGE                              DISTANCE

            1            1st place Trophy             Junior Masters                       >19 - 45                                 750m
            2            1st place Trophy             Super Junior Masters            >19 - 45                                1500m
            3            1st place Trophy             Senior Masters                      >45                                         750m
            4            1st place Trophy             Super Senior Masters           >45                                       1500m
            5            1st place Trophy             Elite Masters                         >19 (1:32 or less/100m*)      1500m
            6            Special Recognition        Out-of-Competition               >19                                   200-500m
    *If a Super Junior Master or Super Senior Master swims 23 mins or less during any of the six swims, this swim will be transferred to the Elite masters Category.

    Best 4 out of 6 Swims!!                                    

    Out-of-competition beginner swim tips and 200 - 500m non-competitive swim with a 5:30pm start.
    (this is not for non-swimmers or beginners/ a minimum standard of swimming ability expected, wetsuit mandatory for out-of-competition swimmers) 

    Again this year, we keep the registration fee at a low cost. It is $40 & HST(46.00 & paypal fees) for the full series. Please note that we also accept email transfers for payments.
    All participants are swimming at the chosen location at their own discretion. A copy of a recent water sample of the location can be made available upon request.
    • Best 4 out of 6 swims
    • Points can not be transferred from 750m to 1500m, or 1500m to 750m
    • For safety reasons, all athletes must sign in!!! (no sign-in -  not covered under this event, no time/points).
    • Each athlete's official time starts when the gun goes off (no extra time given for equipment malfunction, etc...)
    • In the event of a tie in points in a Category, the overall average swim time will be the deciding factor.
    • It is the responsibility of each participant to register with TriNL prior to the event. This is a TriNL sanctioned event, but only if participants are registered with TriNL