Nutrition and Health Management
Daily living and sports specific
This program is for you, if:
  • Struggle to maintain healthy eating and weight
  • Want to be more in control of your eating
  • Want to track your food intake and nutrition
  • Want to have a close look at your hydration levels
  • Want to match your nutrition efforts with your training efforts
  • Want a long term solution and not a quick fix


What do we offer:
  • 10 week coaching in a healthy approach to nutrition
  • 30min weekly instructions followed by practical application
  • Analysis of your current eating habits and nutritional status
  • Access to a certified Nutrition Specialist
How does it work?
You have a choice of three different settings:
  • Group settings with three or more participants meeting at a mutual agreed weekly session
Cost: $75 & HST/person.  Click here for registration
  • Discounted sessions - Combine this nutrition program with any one of the other programs we offer
Cost: $150 & HST/person. Click here for registration
  • Individual One-on-One setting
Cost $200 & HST/person. Click here for registration