Welcome to registration for the Christmas 10 Days of Rejuvenation!

Enjoy up to 10 session of Relaxation Yoga between Christmas and Old Christmas Day! 

Take in as few or as many as you like!

Why do it:

  • Take the Stress out of Christmas !!
  • Get an early start on your New Years Resolution !!
  • Give the gift of Flexibility !!!!
  • You want to stay ahead of to much Christmas cheer !!!
When: starting December 26, 10 days 
Time:   7:30 - 8:30 am
St. David’s Church Hall, 98 Elizabeth Ave, St. John's
Cost:  $50.00 & HST  Please note that we accept email transfers for payments ($57.50 which includes HST).
Refunds: Refunds will only be provided due to medical reasons and will be prorated based on the number of sessions completed.
Requests for refunds should be submitted in writing, or email to Christiane@splashndash.ca
  1. Complete and submit registration form below. 
  2. Within 24 hrs of your registration request, submit an email transfer of $57.50 to christiane@splashndash.ca
  3. Once payment is complete, you will receive an electronic receipt from your email transfer.
  4. This email transfer receipt will confirm your registration.

10 Days of Rejuvenation