Terms of Service

Spix Panda’s Terms of Service

Updated 03/21/2015

Spix’s email - spixish [at] gmail.com

Spix’s paypal - spixish [at] gmail.com

1. General Service Agreements

  • If you become verbally abusive, provide false information (age, character ownership, etc.), I reserve the right to terminate service. If this happens, I will refund you to a certain degree, depending on the level of completion of the artwork in question. See “Refund Policy” below for details.

  • By commissioning me, you agree that you are over the age of 18, or have consent from your legal guardian. If you are purchasing adult material, you must be above this age limit regardless of permission from your guardian.

  • You agree not to use any personal information against me, such as my real name, address, etc.

  • You agree that all characters you are paying me to draw are ones you own, or have permission from their owners to use. Exceptions include fanart (i.e. UmJammer Lammy, Krystal, Sonic, etc). In the case of fanart, my style and the original art style will not be similar. Don’t forget!

2. Acceptable Content

  • Subjects I will not draw include - hardcore vore, scat, infants and toddlers in adult situations, needles, and suspension.

  • Subjects I am uncomfortable drawing, but may consider, include - genital piercings, hardcore gore, automobiles/machinery in general, and snuff (depends on the scenario).

  • Subjects I am completely comfortable with include - nearly everything else, including cub art, diapers, watersports and some gore.

  • If you’re unsure your idea falls into one of these categories, please email or note me to ask! Your inquiry will remain private.

3. Payment Policy

I accept payment through personal checks via snail mail, and Paypal invoice.

  1. Personal checks must be written for the full amount. Work on the commission will not begin until the check has cleared.

  2. Paypal users must pay through the invoice they will receive in their email.

    1. For commissions that are over $25, you may choose to pay half initially, and half after the clean sketch is completed. This method costs an additional $2 to cover Paypal fees for separate transactions.

    2. After I receive payment from an invoice, you are likely to receive a second email telling you your “service was rendered” before any artwork is completed. I am required to edit the tracking information to tell Paypal I have sold a digital item, so it doesn’t look like I’ve neglected to mail a physical item out (this builds up bad credibility if any issues arise). Unfortunately, invoices do not allow for me to fix this ahead of time, so it can only be done after-the-fact.

If you are supporting my Patreon, you may have a discount code you would like to apply. Simply enter it into the form when you first submit your inquiry to use it.

4. Refund Policy

A refund, partial or full, may be issued in the following foreseeable circumstances:

  • The finished artwork blatantly does not match the reference material that was sent with the initial commission request (full)

  • A client has become verbally abusive or otherwise harasses myself, and the commission is terminated (partial)

  • An unexpected circumstance arises, and the rest of a commission is no longer needed/wanted (partial)

Refunds will not be issued for the following foreseeable circumstances:

  • Items lost during shipping, along with associated shipping costs

  • Artwork is completed as requested, but no longer desired (ex: a badge for a specific convention is made, then the client no longer plans on attending)

5. Process & Alterations

All clients automatically get sent an initial rough sketch for approval. You also have the option to receive a progress piece at each stage of the drawing.

Icons, badges, bookmarks, and other small-scale projects only include the initial rough sketch. Further progress pictures will not be sent, only the finished product.

Traditional Media

You will receive a hi-resolution scan and a posting-size scan.

  1. Initial Rough Sketch - This will be very messy, and is meant to position the character’s body in the frame.

    1. The general pose may be changed at this time.

    2. You are allowed two free major alterations. Further changes will incur fees.

  2. Refined Sketch -  A clean pencil sketch, showing the actual character’s design and shape.

    1. Very minor changes may be requested, such as markings, finger positioning, and other small ‘movements’ to the character.

    2. You are allowed one free change before fees are added.

    3. Major changes to the pose may be considered, but will incur larger fees.

    4. If you are paying half and half, the completion of the refined sketch means the second payment is due, and a request to send the second invoice will be sent soon.

  3. Inks - Permanent inks on permanent paper.

    1. No alterations can be made at this stage, but certain additions may be possible (additional markings, for example).

  4. Colors and Detailing - Full color rendering with Copic and Triart markers. Detailing with colored pencils, gel pens, decorative paper, etc.

    1. No alterations are accepted at this stage.


You will receive a hi-resolution file and a posting-size file.

  1. Initial Rough Sketch - This will be very messy, and is meant to position the character’s body in the frame.

    1. The general pose may be changed at this time.

    2. You are allowed two free major alterations. Further changes will incur fees.

  2. Refined Sketch -  A clean sketch, showing the actual character’s design and shape.

    1. Minor changes may be requested, such as markings, finger positioning, and other small ‘movements’ to the character.

    2. You are allowed one free change before fees are added.

    3. Major changes to the pose may be considered, but will incur larger fees.

    4. If you are paying half and half, the completion of the refined sketch means the second payment is due, and a request to send the second invoice will be sent soon.

  3. Inks - Digital inks on a computer.

    1. Very minor changes may be requested at this time.

    2. The general pose may not be altered at this stage.

    3. Any changes made to the line art will incur fees, whether major or minor.

  4. Base Color/Flats - Basic colors are now laid down. No shading.

    1. All color changes must be made at this stage.

    2. You are allowed one free color revision. Further revisions will incur fees.

    3. The lineart is no longer subject to change.

  5. Shading and Detailing - Cel-shading, soft shading, borders, blushes, etc.

    1. No changes to the color palette may be made at this stage.

6. Upgrades

I offer the option to upgrade commissions. If you have purchased a pencil sketch, for example, and would like it inked at a later date, you would only be required to pay the difference between the sketch and the inked stage.

  • Commissions must be upgraded within 1 year of their completion.

  • Some commissions may not be eligible for upgrades. For example, if you buy a traditional media pencil sketch from me, and the original has been mailed to you, I will have sprayed the paper with sketch fixative. This would make it impossible for me to ink over and erase the pencil lines without damaging the piece. If you’re unsure if your commission can be upgraded, feel free to ask!

  • If you purchased a digital sketch or digital ink picture, I can transfer this to traditional media, and finish it with Copic markers. This method does increase cost to cover the time it takes to transfer medias.

  • Alternately, if you purchased traditional media sketches or inks, I can transfer this to the computer, re-line it and color it digitally. This will also increase cost.

7. Prints & Originals

I offer prints for both digital and traditional media commissions. Prints for traditional media are free of charge, unless you order more than one. Please keep in mind that prints will not fully reflect the original for marker pieces. For digital media, prints are $2 each.

If you would like the original mailed to you in the case of a traditional media commission, you will be expected to cover shipping costs.

Shipping is typically $4.00 inside the US, and outside the US is $8.00 (sorry!). Artwork is mailed in a document mailer, made of stiff cardboard.

For purchasing artwork that is not a commission, these terms may differ.

8. Streaming

During the commission process, I may choose to stream your art, unless otherwise specified by you on the commission form. If you would like to schedule specific times when you are available to watch a stream, I will do my best to accommodate. However, please understand that this is not a guarantee.

If you have commissioned me to help you create a character, the initial creation stage is guaranteed to be streamed to you, whether public or private, for up to 3 hours of creation time. After the character’s design is set, it will be up to my discretion to continue streaming at specific times to match your schedule.

If I am streaming your commission, and you are attending, please do not take this as an invitation to ask for changes throughout the stream. You will be sent progress sketches, as detailed above in section 5, and only at those times will you be allowed to request changes. The only exception is if, during the stream, I specifically ask you for input.

9. Deadlines & Rush Fees

Generally, artwork is completed within two months or less, depending on the type of art and level of complexity. In the case of circumstances which disrupt my workflow, I will try to email each client personally to keep you informed. If you are expecting to hear from me and you have not, please check my gallery pages for updates.

If you would like a picture by a certain date, please specify this on your form submission. If the date is less than two weeks away, a rush fee of 40% of the total cost of the commission will be applied.

10. Character Creation & Using Reference Pictures

If you are commissioning art of a character for the first time, that is fine! I am comfortable with character creation from scratch.

  1. Try to create a thorough description of your character, and send me the description, along with pictures relevant clothing, hair styles, etc., and email the information to me.

  2. I will look over your information and ask for further clarification on any areas I’m unsure about, and we will set up a time to stream for up to 3 hours, either public or private. Creation streams are $10 per hour.

  3. During the stream, rough concept sketches will be made to get down the character’s body type and design. You are invited to give input all throughout this stream.

  4. Once the character is designed, the rest of the commission will go as normal, and I will start work on making a rough approval sketch for the intended finished product (ex: a digital flat commission).

    1. You may ask for some changes to the resulting rough sketch for the main commission (the above mentioned digital flat example), but major design changes are discouraged at this stage, and may result in fees.

If you are using reference pictures to help show me a pose you’d like, clothing, hairstyles, etc., please understand that I will use these as guidelines. For poses, I will take artistic license to the finer points of it. For clothing, I’m more likely to use it exactly as it is, but I may alter the colors slightly, or change the design to fit around an anthropomorphic body. Additionally, if you link references to a character that already exists, please understand that I will not copy that character’s likeness, or make you an alternate version of someone else’s character.

If you are working from a reference picture of your character, you are expected to provide all relevant information at the start. For example, if your character has changed hairstyles since your reference sheet was made, and you don’t inform me, I’m not going to know! If you let me know mid-process, I may be able to change it, though fees may apply.

11. Distribution of Finished Artwork

Any artwork you purchase from me is yours to post or print for personal use. You may post it to your gallery, to image boards, or to the shrine you have dedicated to me in your closet. You are also allowed to crop or resize the image for use as an icon or banner. Any progress pictures you get throughout the commission are also okay to post as you receive them.

When you do post the image, please be sure to leave my signature intact (except for use as an icon, since that’s just silly). I would also appreciate if you link back to any one of my galleries in your image description. If you purchase art that is relevant to my alternate account on Inkbunny (which includes NSFW, cub, NC art), then I would extra appreciate a link back to that account specifically.

You do not have permission to resell my artwork, even if you own the characters in the picture. You may not sell prints, digital files, or original works for profit. I may allow you to sell the art at the cost of the materials if you no longer desire it, or you can send it back to me.

Unless otherwise specified, I will assume permission to post any art you purchase from me to any of my galleries, with a link back to your own account if applicable. If you would like your commission to remain unposted, or to be posted but anonymous, please take care to tell me from the start on my submission form.

I will not sell prints of your character without your express permission. If I do want to sell prints using your character, I will ask you personally, and we will work out your preference on being credited for you character, linkbacks to your gallery, etc.

12. Use of my Original Characters

Sort of a case-by-case deal, but depending on the circumstances, I am willing to draw my characters in commissions at times. The price per character is not less for using my own characters, however. My characters will not act out of character to fit a situation.

Available for PG scenarios:


Jam Ham

Hannah Rae

Available for PG to some nudity:


Franc (nsfw)

Available for PG to sexual scenarios:


Sumire (nsfw)

Nikki (nsfw)

The Duchess