Caberet Pavarotti

(93.3%) Stud register, Hips 1-1, Elbows 1-2, Born 27/8/05, Shoulder height 69cm,

South African National Senior Champion and Grand Champion Male, Parys 2007

Pavarotti is a son of Caberet Straatkat (87.8%) and SS Kim (89.8%). Kim’s father, Caberet Simba (86%), is just like Straatkat, a son of our Caberet Klein Buks (87%). Kim’s mother with 87.9% and her grandmother with 86.8% pay tribute to the fact that they are descendants of the great Lourina Ounooi (93.5%) in the tail line.

Pavarotti represents the breeder’s wish list for a Boerboel: Mentally super strong and alert, but calm, friendly, intelligent, and submissive to his own people. Physically powerful, agile, virile and active. It is embarrassing to say that on top of all that he even has a perfect physique. His impressive head is set on the best neck a Boerboel could wish for that smoothly runs into a straight, wide and muscled back, with exceptional hindquarters, and very well angulated hind legs as well as heavy and correct front legs.

Whilst he is a large dog, he is not overly large or awkward. He moves feather light on his feet.Pavarotti leaves you with the impression that he is the benchmark for the Boerboel breed.

With his abundance of confidence, extreme character in head, and perfect finish in conformation, he has all the promise you could wish for in a breeding dog. His progeny featured strongly on the national and provincial shows and his sons and daughters scored extremely high at a very young age.

Working with Pavarotti and watching his progeny develop, makes it very difficult to accept other males as good enough to use! Pavarotti sets such a high standard that seemingly no other dog can compete as a breeding dog. With time passing and his sons and daughters maturing, the praises for his progeny just keep on coming in. The owners of his progeny are all very impressed with the conformation of their dogs, but equally so with the temperament. There are a few things that Pavarotti is just the best source of genes, but the most outstanding one remains the temperament.

The progeny of Pavarotti exhibits no faults. He breeds excellent heads, necks, top lines and legs. He produces the correct muscling and size, although according to the official figures, he throws them a bit taller than the ideal.

Pavarotti at different stages of his life.


Pavarotti progeny.