About us

Pittsburgh Chapter of Network of Spiritual Progressives



 Pittsburgh Chapter NSP 


Our Vision:


  • Changing the Bottom Line in America and creating a NEW BOTTOM LINE FOR AMERICA that rejects excessive materialism and selfishness in favor of a POLITICS OF MEANING which aims to replace a culture of fear with A CULTURE OF HOPE.
  • Challenging the misuse of religion, God and Spirit by the Religious Right.  
  • Challenging the many anti-religious and anti-spiritual assumptiions and behaviors that   have increasingly become  part of the liberal culture. 


For all of us who have yearned to connect to all of Creation:  The Power of Healing and Transformation is the ultimate reality and shaper of the universe, the Transformative Power unifies all being as One spiritually-alive, mutually inter-dependent, awesome and fantastic totality. This is why we have this Spiritual Covenant and why we are spiritual progressives.