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In this study, blue font will be used to highlight a contast between the sphere of fellowship and the sphere of non-fellowship. And a red font alerts the reader to a proof of being in fellowship. 

Purpose Statement: to command/Asiatic believers/to maintain intimate fellowship with God through living a life appropriate to their sinless nature, that will be revealed at the Second Coming, by rejecting the false Christology of the antichrists and by keeping God's commandments, especially the commandment to demonstrate their love of fellow brethren, so that they can be rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ and so that God will answer their prayers

1:1-4 - Prologue - Background

1:5-2:11 - Preamble - Proofs & Restoration of Intimacy with God

2:12-27 - Proposition - Continuing in Intimacy with God

2:28-4:19 - Central Body - Preparation for the Judgment Seat of Christ

4:20-5:17 - Conclusion - God's Commands

5:18-21 - Epilogue - Guarding from False Teachers

Sphere Diagram