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Become Healthy or Extinct - An Interview

posted Dec 14, 2012, 8:59 AM by Floyd Dsilva

 Become Healthy or Extinct ! by Darryl D’Souza, available as a free e-book download at www.becomehealthyorextinct.com and in printed format as well through the same website.Wellness event organizer Latika Kalantri interviews Therapist, Essene Master and Author Darryl D’Souza.

Though an engineer, how did you end up writing a book on Health, Nutrition and Metaphysics of the Human Body?

It has been an amazing journey for me that started in 1990, unfortunately with a slew of illnesses, namely pneumonia, amoebiasis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, acidity, dysentery, allergies, skin disorders, systemic candidiasis, blood toxicity and piles, that followed one after the other spanning across 14 years of my life. I did my best to get cured by conventional systems of medicine, but I became such a complicated case that no system could cure me and most doctors gave up on me, labeling me a hopeless case. Finally, I took matters into my own hands and used natural systems of therapy, like yoga, acupressure, natural herbs, a healthy diet and healthy habits to cure myself completely within just 1 year by following a protocol “The Natural Health Therapy” that I developed from a lot of research on health that I did in my 15 years of sickness. I have not fallen sick for even a single day since my recovery and I have neither taken a single medicine, nor needed to visit a doctor. It has been 7 years since, and my health parameters now show that I have reverse aged by about 20 years. Is this not an amazing turnaround? Maybe that is why my book ‘Become Health or Extinct’ on the topic of reversing chronic illness the natural way, is being read in over 25 countries. You will perhaps appreciate how an engineer uses his skill in engineering health and wellness once you read the book.

 Do you think that conventional systems of medicine are not curing chronic illnesses?

 Over the past 100 years, have not the number of medicines and drugs invented by man crossed the millions mark? And during this same period of time, have not the number of maladies and illnesses treated by these very medicines also crossed the millions mark? Did you ever stop and wonder, why did the million medicines not cure the million illnesses? We still have so many chronic illnesses that cannot be cured even after taking the latest medicines. You cannot say you are cured of an illness if you are popping pills for it all the time.

 To start with, modern medicine does not even understand the human body completely and that is one of its biggest problems. Every new finding about nutrition or the inner workings of the human body that features in magazines or newspapers or medical journals, only proves that our knowledge is still incomplete. Alternative natural systems of health do have a better understanding of the human body, nutrition and illness as well. That is why in my book as well as in my health workshops, I teach only natural systems that cure chronic illness.

 So why do we end up with chronic illness?

 The main reasons of chronic illness are wrong foods, wrong substances, wrong habits, parasites and unharmonic energy. I have explained 10 different reasons for chronic illness in my book and that covers the topic completely. The problem is that we have been misguided into thinking many of these wrong things are good for us and so we imbibe them into our daily living and fall sick as a result. My book first educates the reader on where we have gone wrong with our choices. Once that topic is understood, I move on to the remedies.

 They say some of our illnesses are in our genes. What is your opinion on that?

 Parents must understand that the health of their children squarely depends on the quality of their own seed that goes into making the child. Most aspiring parents who are not healthy are directly responsible for birthing weak children who constantly struggle with health issues all through their lives. Even if a child receives a weak gene set from its parents, activities like regular exercise; sports, yoga, pranayam, acupressure, eating healthy nutrition and following healthy habits, if done between the ages of 5 to 20 years, will to a great extent reduce the severity of the expression of a hereditary illness. My book should keenly be read by our younger generation, who have the time to act. They should not make the same mistakes that we did.

 Which aspects of health and illness does your book cover?

 The book covers all the topics needed for a person to recover from chronic illness to wellness. Many consider it quite a comprehensive book for the complete well being of the mind, body and spirit. You will get many advanced insights into the workings of the human body that are not available in any other book. Some information in it comes from beyond our present systems of knowledge and that is also one reason why even doctors, nutritionists and dieticians find it a very interesting read. It explains the root causes and natural remedies for many of the so-called ‘incurable chronic illnesses’ and ‘autoimmune diseases’. It also demystifies the causes of Cancer and gives the clear roadmap to curing all types of cancers the natural way. I also teach a few natural therapies like Acupressure, Cleanse Therapy and The 5 elements Therapy in the book, because they are very useful in curing chronic illness. My website further expands on many topics given in the book and that helps me deliver much more than what is possible through just one book, a complete system of healing.

 Could you mention a couple of new insights your book gives?

 The human body is designed not to fall sick or even age till 50 years. It is we who make ourselves sick and it is we who make ourselves age as well, by doing many wrong things. If we stop doing these wrong things we can reverse both these effects. I did go through the normal process of aging during my sick years, till I was 34 years old, then on my way back to wellness, I reversed my sicknesses as well as my age. This is why I now look like I’m 25 years even though I’m 42 years old. I will keep looking like I’m 25 years even after I cross 50. I am also quite confident that I will live till 150 years. Now that will be a real eye opener for sure… for those who will be around to track it.

 The human body is a 100% organic system. It is designed to process only organic substances. In this environment, it will live long and healthy. Ages of 200 years and above mentioned in our ancient texts, are not myths. You are definitely making a huge mistake when you start putting inorganic man made substances and medicines into or even onto the human body. This is modern civilization’s biggest mistake.

 I got several shocks reading the chapter “Common Foods that ruin our Health”. For one, the sugar we love so much is bad for our health?

 Our megalomaniac consumption of refined sugar leads to acidity, depletion of electrolytes, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, inhibition of cellular protein synthesis, destruction of nerves, tissue damage, inhibition of human growth hormone, elevation of cortisol levels, induces cancer cell division, inhibits mechanisms that slow down tumor growth, negative changes in our genes and reduced functioning of the immune system. We crave for refined sugar products so much because, through our faulty notions of nutrition, we make the first mistake of denying the human body foods that contain natural sugars.

 What further plans do you have for your efforts in wellness?

 Besides conducting my health workshops in Goa and Mumbai, I also plan to do them in other cities as well, since I have got invites from many people in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai as well. I’m eagerly looking forward to delivering my talk on the topic “Developing higher levels of Physical, Mental and Spiritual capability to bring in The Age of Aquarius” at the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality happening in India this December. Through this talk I hope to generate a lot of interest in people about the future of health and wellness on this planet.

 I am also looking forward to set up a wellness center in the Candolim / Calangute area of North Goa very soon, one that uses only natural therapies for curing illness. Just waiting for the right investors and the right location. In the mean time, I am just networking with experienced healers and therapists in Goa, so that I can avail of their services at the wellness center. Goa is a wonderful place to promote health and healing. I am also doing this because I received a divine call to do this work from my ancestral place in Goa and that is why I have left Mumbai for good. Goa brings back many fond childhood memories. It is my place of peace. Do look me up on www.spiritualgoa.com as well.

 Any special message for the readers?

 May all strive to be more knowledgeable about the nature and working of the human body, for in it lies the answer to their health and happiness, as well as their symbiosis with Mother Earth.

 Latika Kalantri is a wellness event organizer and through her group Oasis of Wellbeing, she facilitates workshops and programs conducted by various teachers, masters, healers and therapists all over Goa. She can be contacted at oasisofwellbeing@yahoo.com