Shivo Osho

Osho Shivo a.k.a. the consciousness evolution guide, is an enlightened mystic who has helped people explore the new horizons of spirituality through practices designed for modern times. His workshop, Celebrating Love, shifts the context of relationship between man and woman from conflict to celebration. He is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a foundation that researches and develops the science of astrology.

Darryl D'Souza

Darryl teaches Natural Health Therapies which are free systems and teachings of the ancients, to people who want to cure chronic physical illnesses.He has also written a book on these therapies which is available as a free download on
He does a 2-day workshop on health titled “The Natural Health Therapy” every month in either Mumbai or Goa, India. It is followed up by a 2-day spiritual workshop called ‘The Alchemy of Transformation’ for those who wish to be part of the great evolutionary transformation that is under way on our planet.

Amey Hegde

Amey Hegde is an ace Corporate Behavioral Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Management Consultant based in Goa. Amey has trained innumerable participants - Directors, GMs, plant heads,  trainers, executives, teachers, doctors, professionals, entrepreneurs and students from several organizations on various topics to enhance their personal & professional productivity. Amey has also conducted training needs identification & analysis programs, one-on-one coaching interventions and psychometric assessments for various employees.

Subhash Chanana

Subhash Chanana is an expert in the field of  Yoga. He also specializes in Power Yoga Therapy, Acupressure & Reflexology. He has successfully integrated yoga with naturopathy practices and life-style modifications for better management and treatment of various health disorders. 
He is committed to maintain and strive for continual improvement and upliftment in personality in 
a holistic way through yoga and meditational techniques.