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The Karmic Cycle

The Karmic Cycle

Ever went through a moment of pure joy? The ones that make you feel great inside that make you wonder how you've become so lucky? Have you ever noticed how they are always followed by a moment that brings you down, or possibly a "bad luck" moment? Ever wondered why these things happen? This is because, In life, karma works in a cycle. We are continuously being tested everyday. These cycles impact and determine our own personal growth which will change our course of life depending on how we handle them. With good must come bad. With light must come dark.

We will all find ourselves going through a mode where we question why something is happening to us, or even worse, a moment where we throw in the white towel with frustration. Just remember that there is a lesson there for you to learn. A lesson to help you grow. Always keep your composure in order to focus on what lesson is being taught so you can allow yourself to benefit from it. Everything we encounter, even people we meet, daily are no coincidence, nor are they accidents. Something led you to this and how you handle it will determine what you encounter next.

Your soul has and will continue to encounter various cycles of karma. All souls have a past, present and future life. It will continue to be born again until it has learned all of the spiritual lessons that it is needed to grow from. Therefore, we will continue to reincarnate into a series of physical bodies (each of a different race, orientation, gender, etc.) to experience different existences. This is be done until we finally master the true meaning of impartiality, awareness and love, for life.

Every soul is different. Some of us have more struggles than others, because some souls are more advanced. They have reincarnated more times than others. This is why some people have wise souls. Neglecting karma is pointless and is mostly done by new souls, the beginners. When karma is neglected it will be added to your cosmic dept, similar to dept in reality, which will continue to add up if it isn't paid off. What we learn during this lifespan will determine what we encounter in our next life.

There are wise souls that reincarnate merely to guide and support those souls that are less advanced. These souls bring with them skills, abilities, wisdom, and instincts that will help one evolve through their challenges in a certain life. They pick to be reincarnated into a certain household and choose their life circumstances so they can help a soul they knew in a past life. This is why sometimes we find ourselves to be really close to a person in our family. This is because the souls between the two knew each other in past life. However, there are some souls that are born into a household they have no connection with. This is either because you knew of a family relative in a past life, or maybe a family friend. I am sure you already know who you have a connection with, and now you know why.