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As part of the facilitation process by Spirit Talkers, links to Flute makers, history organizations, and music are noted on the web site. These are provided as a service to interested individuals looking for knowledge, goods and services. No remuneration was solicited from these individuals or organizations, and no endorsement is intended by allowing these links.  Members ,or visitors, will not be allowed to pursue sales during

 our meetings.

Spirit Talkers is an unincorporated community organization dedicated to furthering awareness and enjoyment of the Native American Style Flute.

Spirit Talkers  mission includes:

  • Encouraging the practice of and promoting the knowledge of the traditional and contemporary Native American Style Flute, its tradition and music. 
  • Support the establishment and growth of local flute enthusiasts
  • Provide information and educational opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in the Native American Style Flute. 
  • Provide events and venues that promote the growth and knowledge of the Native American Style Flute.