Spirit Talkers Circle Supporting Artisans

Please Note: A listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement. Research the artisan prior to making a purchase.
Elvin Barchers - Iron Horse Flutes
Michael Fuger - Seven Winds Flutes
The SevenWinds website provides information on SevenWinds flutes and information about the Native American Flute.  Follow this link SevenWinds Flutes  @ (http://www.sevenwindsflutes.com). 
Odell Borg - High Spirits Flutes 
The High Spirits webpage provides information about High Spirits Flutes by Odell Borg. Follow this link.
The Spirit Talkers webpage has a section titled HOW TO PLAY THE NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE  , 
some of the information provided is also by Odell Borg.
Ron Stutz - Native Sunrise Flutes and Art in Stone
For more information on Flutes by Ron Stutz, follow this link.

Click the Business Card for Sunrise Flutes contact information.