Free the spirit within.....RIDE!

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Here we are with another great summer of riding, fastly, approaching. Hope you all have your bikes dusted off and ready to go.  We should have a wonderful summer full of interesting  rides and super fun. Check out the calendar to see our meeting places and rides. Rides start on May 14, 2018 and end on September 28, 2018.

This site is created for Kitimat Snowflake Senior Centre Members who would like to cycle with other members in the Kitimat area. Come out for a few hours each week for a good time.  Each individual is encouraged to wear proper safety equipment and come with a fun attitude.Everyone MUST wear a helmet.

All levels of fitness and abilities are welcome. The first part of the ride will be for beginners or those individuals not wishing to go to far. The second part of the ride will be more challenging. Each ride will consist of a short ride around town on the roadways and going through the walkways. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. After the trip around town we will head out for a longer ride for those that wish.

ITEMS TO BRING WHILE CYCLING                                                       

helmet, sun glasses, jacket, water, snack,
repair kit, tube, bicycle pump, first aid kit, phone.


*LEISURE: usually maximum of 25 km per day
**INTERMEDIATE: usually greater than 25 km per day, and/or somewhat hilly
***ADVANCED: longer rides up to 70 km. per day, with hills

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