Spiritans Europe - information about the Congregation of the Holy Spirit and its organisation in Europe 

Welcome to Spiritans EUR. Here you can learn about the missionary activities of the members of the Holy Ghost Congregation in Europe. We are a grouping of Catholic missionaries which is responsible for missionary activity of the Spiritans in Germany and Belgium.  We also have responsibility for a community in Spain, and another in Paris. In the coming years we will take responsibility for our mission in Switzerland.  Some of our members are also working as missionaries in Africa, South America and Asia.

We give preference to an apostolate that takes us to
            - those who have not yet heard the gospel message or who have scarcely heard it;
            - those oppressed and most disadvantaged, as a group or as individuals;
            - where the Church has difficulty in finding workers.    
Priority activities include:
    * Pastoral presence in local churches - parochial and youth ministry
    * Presence in areas of high immigration
    * Education (formal and informal) and a missionary presence with youth
    * Projects which aim to bring greater Justice and Peace to our world
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