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Wendy's Favourite Old Time Links

  • 28th Of January
  • Boatin' Up Sandy (A-dorian)
  • Cold Frosty Morning (A minor)
  • Ducks On The Pond (A/A minor) - MP3
  • Elzic's Farewell (A-mixolydian) - MP3
  • Greasy Coat (A minor) - MP3
  • Growling Old Man (A-mixolydian/A)
  • Hog Eyed Man (A minor) - MP3
  • Jack Of Diamonds (G mixolydian) - MP3
  • John Riley The Shepherd (A minor) - MP3
  • June Apple (A-mixolydian) - Lyrics
  • Kickin' Up The Devil On A Holiday (D-mixolydian)
  • Kitchen Girl (A-mixolydian) - MP3
  • Last Chance (D minor)
  • Loch Lavan's Castle
  • Old Bunch of Keys (A-mixolydian)
  • Pretty Little Dog (A-minor)
  • Sadie At The Back Door Jere Canote (D-mixolydian)
  • Salt River (A-mixolydian)
  • Squirrel Hunter (A-mixolydian) - MP3
  • Wild Hog In The Woods