Joining Spin Zone Women

Hi!  Thanks for your interested in racing for Spin Zone Racing Women!  We are a women's road racing team heavily focused on sportsmanship, volunteerism, and working together as a team.  We anticipate keeping the team small to ensure each team member is a good fit for the team.  To that end, team membership is "by invitation only" rather than a formal application.  If you are interested in being considered, please get to know us and the sport in the following ways through the end of the 2013 bicycling season*:

1. Ride with the team at Spin Zone or 574 Cycling rides.  These training rides take place 1-3 times per week.  It is super important that we all get to know and love you so we feel like your addition to the team would be a good fit.
2. Race at criteriums that the team attends.  Because most of the team-eligible road races available to us are criteriums, we want potential racers to know that they like crits enough to do a bunch.  Also, we want to make sure you are a nice person who supports others, especially beginners, in racing.  
3. Have a demonstrated passion for and commitment to volunteerism.  This is critically important for three main reasons: Our sponsors support us because we support the community, we cannot have a race team unless we all invest time to make it happen, and we think it is the right thing to do!   Your commitment will most likely show in the athletic community and probably in 574 Cycling, but we certainly understand a commitment to volunteerism translates from other realms.  

Why race for Spin Zone Racing Women?  We are a super nice group of ladies who work hard to raise the level of bicycle riding and racing in the community.  While we are a specifically *road* racing team because of the strategic nature of road racing, we also love running, triathlons, mountain biking, cyclocross, velodromes, puppies, sunsets, and long walks on the beach.  Our sponsors treat us very well, but we work hard for them!

Among OTHER commitments for the 2014 season (Yes, there are more):
We will ask that you are a good sport and represent the sponsors and bicycling well.  Relatedly, we ask that you race and train as a good and supportive team member.

We will ask that you commit to supporting a weekly Spin Zone ride, which will be basically open to any woman who wants to ride the speed we are setting.  

We will ask that you commit to a minimum of 7 team-eligible road races (crit, road race, or team time trial) plus 3 additional races of any type that you wear your jersey in.  However, most of us are racing closer to 15-20 races this year because it is super, super fun.  

We will ask that you take a significant volunteer role for either the team or 574 Cycling.  Ideally both, of course!  Most of us are heavily involved in both groups and people who have a love and passion for 574 Cycling are just the type of person we are looking for!

We will ask that you think of your involvement in SZRW as a "part-time job" rather than a chance to wear cute matching kits at 10 races.  (They are cute, though.)  There are other teams that require much less commitment than we do, so please take that seriously.

If you have questions, please direct them to  
See you on the road!

*Doing these things do not guarantee an invitation onto the race team, of course.  :-)