Spinning Textiles
Spinning .

 Welcome to the world of Textiles. An amazing world with lot of technicality & management.

Right from mixing of different fibres to carding, combing, the yarn gets shape after ring spinning. Some basics aspects of spinning are given in right side of page.

We draw the fibres of joy, we twist in hope of enchantment & we spin the yarn of prosperity.       

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Studies & trials

Advanced Literature

Yarn Hairiness:                                                                         Now a days custmers are more & more demanding. Few tips & tricks. 

Sticky Cotton:

Problems assosiated with sticky cotton

White Specks:                                                                                           A live problem now a days in textile Industry to curb with.

Yarn evenness                                                                            Few tips & tricks for better yarn evenness

Autolevellers                                                                              How does card & draw frame auto levellers work

Barre in Fabrics                                                                           Mic Rd & +b , or anything alse to control barre?

Good Yarn                                                                                     Need a good yarn. Hope this will come handy

Ideal process parameters                                                       Ideal process parameters from carding to winding

 Theory of carding                                                         How fibres travel in carding machine

Fibre & Yn Testing                                                                    Few literature regarding fibre & yarn testing.