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FPE Simulator

<Fokker-Planck Equation Simulator for STT Device>

[Fig. 1 Input Dialog of simulator]

- You can open input dialog box as shown in Fig. 1.
- The simulator adopted the Magnetic Tunnel Junction(MTJ) for STT-MRAM model as shown in Fig. 2. 
- The simulator solves FPE (Eq. 1) which is partial differential equation with various input parameters
- The simulator calculates the probability density distribution and non-switching probability as shown in Fig. 3.
The simulator is implemented for Windows® and running with the MATLAB® runtime library.

Sorry, you will be able to download it soon...
[Fig. 2 Conventional structure of MTJ For STT-MRAM]

[Eq. 1 Fokker Planck Equation for the probability distribution of the magnetization direction]

[Fig. 3 Results of Simulator]

- The code is developed by MATLAB, and only executable file will be distributed (not source code), and if you have any question, suggestion, and help, contact to me. ( or