Google Docs in the Classroom

An Introduction to Google Docs in the Classroom

A Few Ideas for Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Docs Explained
Google Docs Tutorials
Five Essential Google Docs Skills (per Richard Byrnes)

Google Docs Challenge Projects (adapted from Richard Byrnes training website)
Project #1 - Google Doc
  1. Create a new Google Doc.
  2. Add text to your document by typing a sentence introducing yourself.
  3. Insert an image into your document.
  4. Insert a hyperlink into your document.
  5. Invite two other people to collaborate on your document.
  6. Insert a comment into another person's document.
  7. Use the chat option with one of your collaborators.
Project #2 - Google Forms
  1. Create a new Google Form
  2. Write at least four questions in your form. Try to create different types of questions.
  3. Publish your form.  Share the link to your form with two people and ask them to complete it.
  4. Look at the summary of the responses when people are done answering questions.